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At Plant It Earth our monthly and standard lawn programs provide annual fertilization, pre-emergent weed control and broadleaf weed control.

Our fertilization plans utilize granular and liquid formulations blending traditional and natural organic sources of nutrients. Your lawn will get the right product at the right rates to provide the healthiest, best looking lawn possible.

With Charlotte area’s many grass types, soil issues and sometimes in-hospitable weather our fertilizer products are blended to give longer lasting color, no surge growth and most importantly a strong root system. Our granular products contain no filler material like rocks, sand or crushed sea shells like the other guys. OUR STUFF WORKS.

We use only top of the line pre-emergent and weed control products, rigorously tested for effectiveness and safety. Weed control is our thing.

You can have confidence in the fact that our technicians have the right training, equipment and product selection to make the right decision every time they visit your home.



Key Components of Our Lawn Fertilization Products

There are 4 basic components to our fertilizer products that we use to keep the lawn healthy and green.

  Nitrogen contributes to top growth and color
  Phosphorous promotes root development
  Potassium is essential for plant hardiness in the heat of the summer and the extreme cold of winter
  Iron promotes deep green color without forcing top growth

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