Summer arrived the first week of May with higher temps (85+) and declining rainfall. Make sure you follow the summer watering and mowing protocol to keep your lawn healthy and growing.


Fescue is a cool season turf that flourishes in the cooler, wetter months (Feb-May) and (Oct-Nov). Once we consistently see temps rise into the mid 80’s with reduced rainfall, it’s time to fire up the irrigation system. We recommend heavy, infrequent watering on Fescue during the summer. Water twice per week for 35 minutes (depending on the output of your irrigation system). By placing a flat bottomed can out in my lawn and running the system for 30 minutes, I determined output at 20 gallons per minute. Fescue needs a minimum of 1/2″ of water per week in the absence of rainfall. It takes 300gallons of water per 1000 square feet to get the 1/2″. I have 5000 square feet of Fescue which would be 1500 gallons of H2O. Based on my system output, I have to run my system for 75 minutes (twice per week for 38 minutes). Once we see continuous temps in the 90’s the watering requirement goes up to 3/4″ per week and even then may not be enough to keep the Fescue lush. Do not water every day as this practice promotes fungus activity. Mow at the highest setting for best results.


Bermuda is a warm season turf that flourishes in the warmer months (May-Sep). Once we see the mid 80’s and reduced rainfall Bermuda will need watering as well as it emerges from dormancy and starts to grow. Bermuda requires less than half the water as Fescue. We recommend once per week for 35 minutes. Do not water every day as Bermuda is also prone to fungus during this time of year. Mow a minimum of once per week at 1 1/2″ to 2″.

If you have any questions about proper mowing and watering, please give us a call at 704-583-9595.